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At Prosper Investments, we regularly partner with private lenders. We know that most people won't always have the full amount to invest upfront. Private lending is perfect for both short and long-term investors that are looking to compete with all-cash buyers. Be confident in your investments with Prosper Investments!

The Benefits of

Private Lending

Working with us, you earn a return that is backed by prime real estate.
Your real estate investment is secured with a mortgage, promissory note, and the homeowner insurance policy.
All of our properties are purchased at a discount, leaving a large equity cushion and additional safety for our lenders.

Prosper Investments

Is A Step Above The Rest

Our competitors have the typical approach of catering to all-cash buyers, but at Prosper Investments, we understand that all-cash turnkey investments can be risky and daunting, especially for a first-time buyer. At Prosper, we use private loans to purchase and renovate our properties and borrow 100% of the acquisition, construction, and holding cost. Instead of catering to the experienced and wealthy, we are here to help investors at any level of income. We believe in quality and safety in every aspect of our business.

Make A

Secure Investment
The combination of a large equity cushion, proper documentation, and positive cash flow is what makes our real estate projects such a secure investment. We offer you a terrific way to grow wealth, prepare for retirement, and produce a passive residual income.
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